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What is Merkaba?


Merkaba is a double triangle with one point facing up and one point facing down. The two meet at the flat bases forming a powerful feminine and masculine double pyramid. 

The word MerKaBa is from three smaller words: Mer, Ka and Ba, which come from ancient Egypt: Mer, meaning light, Ka, meaning spirit, and Ba, meaning body. Put together, these three words connote the union of spirit with the body, surrounded by light. It can help a person realise their full potential and connect with the goodness within them, as well as their higher being. This field of light, love, and goodwill can also extend to others, thereby enveloping them in the same healing energy. 


During your session, you will lie down on the floor, with cushions and blankets for your comfort, and Chakra tuned bowls will be placed around you. Once you are relaxed, the bowls will be played in a sacred geometry sequence that connects with your divine Feminine and Masculine energies, balancing them and bringing internal harmony. 


Sessions include:

~ Breathwork

~ Meditation

~ Reiki

~ Sound healing

Therapy room at Yoga Point, Brixton


Not recommended for anyone in the first trimester of pregnancy or, with a fitted pacemaker, due to use of sound bowls. 


It is not the role of the Therapist to offer diagnosis or prognosis.​


Investment: 90 minutes £120 

50% discount on all 1-2-1 treatments for anyone living with sickle cell anemia or cancer.   

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