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Womb healing helps to restore your womb to its original pure state. Our womb space holds onto all of our trauma, imprints from past lovers, and emotional memories. These experiences continue to be present, creating energetic blocks, which are carried at a physical level and preventing the natural feminine flow. Intentional womb healing can not only heal your womb space, but also all the wombs in your ancestral line, past and future. 

The Womb Connection Ritual is a personal 'Red Tent' session where you will be held in love, and catered for, to honour your womb space and connect with your divine feminine. It can help you tune into yourself, creating more awareness and consciousness, and can also serve as a healing process to release emotional blockages surrounding the loss of a baby, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortion. This is also suitable for women who have had hysterectomy's. 

Each session is personal, unique, and profoundly transformational. It is a scared and deeply relaxing experience with no two sessions being the same. 

Sessions include:

~ Breathwork

~ Crystals

~ Face, head, and shoulders massage

~ Guided meditation

~ Music

~ Reiki (hands on and hands off)

~ Womb massage with a special womb blend oil*

~ Sound healing*

~ Herbal tea 

*not if pregnant or have a fitted pacemaker

You'll also take away with you the crystals used in your session, womb blend oil and a womb healing guidebook. 

Therapy room at Yoga Point, Brixton

This is not a therapy session and it is not the role of the Therapist to offer diagnosis or prognosis.


Investment: 120 minutes £160

50% discount on all 1-2-1 treatments for anyone living with sickle cell anemia or cancer.   

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