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Naomi Louise, fondly referred to as Naylou is an intuitively guided Holistic Therapist, offering meditation, Reiki and Seichem, sound energy healing and massage.

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From a young age, Naylou was very spiritual and was often found daydreaming and communicating with her spirit guides. Growing up surrounded by woodlands, she has always had a very close connection with Mother Nature.


Naylou holds safe spaces that are inclusive and welcoming to everyone. She prides herself on her high emotional intelligence, providing comfort and support and encouraging people to show up as their authentic selves.


a welcome note

Hello and welcome! Thank you for being here. 

I started my personal meditation practice over 20 years ago which has led me on an amazing journey of self-discovery and, very importantly, self-love. Having lived with severe anxiety since I was a child, experiencing panic attacks and blackouts, I was very much an introvert. Growing up I avoided interacting with people as much as possible as I felt different from everyone and that no one understood me. I first discovered meditation in my early 20s and realised how beneficial it was in helping me to manage the anxiety I felt. This led me to complete a meditation diploma which equip me with the tools and understanding I needed to be able to help others. 

After guiding others with meditation for a few years, I was called to Reiki and sound healing to expand my healing offerings.  My area of specialty is self-love and self-empowerment, and I create relaxed and safe spaces, both face-to-face and virtually, that are inclusive and welcoming to everyone. 

The services I offer to help guide you on your personal holistic journey include; 1-2-1, family & friends, and couples sessions, Women's circles, Womb healing, Soul gatherings, Reiki and Seichem healing, Chakra activation, Merkaba balancing, massage, and Sound Energy therapy using Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, all of which can enhance your life emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Every session is a unique, individual, and sacred experience, and I look forward to holding space for you. 

Naylou x

Training, Qualifications
& Memberships

Mediation Teacher Diploma Level 3 - The British School of Meditation (BSoM)

Sound Therapy & Vibroacoustic Massage Level 1&2 - Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association (SEMPA)

Reiki & Seichem Level 1, 2 & Mastership

Swedish Body Massage Diploma


Indian Head Massage Diploma

Fully insured, and first aid trained

Training, Qualifications & Memberships



+44 (0) 7708 007887


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